Imagine half of Washington D.C. or Boston, entirely populated by orphaned children, the scale of the problem is almost unfathomable...
— SamanHaus

What's going on in Haiti?

In Haiti, there are 10.7 million people of which roughly 300,000 are orphans (imagine half of Washington D.C. or Boston, entirely populated by orphaned children) the scale of the problem is almost unfathomable. About 270,000 Haitian orphans are living as 'restaveks' a form of child slavery. The other 10% have homes at orphanages, the majority of which do not meet UNICEF standards.  In fact, many of these children do not have access to reliable, clean drinking water, electricity, or suitable places to live.

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What we're doing about it:

We act as facilitators between partner organizations in Haiti who need architectural services and Architecture Firms in the U.S. that need pro bono work. SamanHaus works closely with our Haitian partners to determine their specific needs and develop well defined design problems for U.S. Partners to address. Our vision is to systemically improve the quality of Haiti's existing orphanage system by providing high end architectural services to non-traditional clients. We work with partners to provide architectural solutions that improve access to clean water, reliable electricity, and create beautiful, safe homes for Haiti's orphans.


We are making it easier to engage with non-traditional clients:

  • We develop the project scope

  • Establish the project timeline

  • Create the staff profile

  • Define the project budget 

Partnership Model

What are the desired outcomes?

Increase Capacity
  • Gradually improve the ratio of UNICEF accredited Haitian Orphanages from 15% to 85%

  • Increased engagement among architecture firms with non-traditional clients