designing beautiful, safe spaces for Haiti’s orphans creates positive ripple effects on their life trajectories

Meet the people that make it happen -


Ivan O'Garro | Founder | C.E.O.

Ivan is the Founder of SamanHaus. Having grown up in Trinidad & Tobago he understands firsthand the challenges associated with overcoming infrastructural shortcomings in a developing nation. Ivan’s passion for design and youth development helped him identify the need to couple the two to create better living conditions for the most vulnerable members of society. He believes that designing beautiful, safe spaces for Haiti’s orphans creates positive ripple effects on their life trajectories.


Robin Bankert | Lead Designer

Robin is a designer at SamanHaus. With a background in biology and studio art, she received her master’s in Architecture while developing an interest in form and generative geometries.  She believes that the balance between art, science, and culture is key to developing a holistic architectural solution, and ultimately approaches design problems with compassion and an open mind for new ideas.


Mike Johnson | Lead Designer

Mike brings his design expertise to SamanHaus inc.  He is a graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Design.  His years of experience in the construction and architecture industries and an intense passion for design and charity make him an integral part of the SamanHaus Team.  

Ben Tulman

Ben Tulman | Designer

Ben joined SamanHaus in 2016. He holds a Master of Architecture degree from the City College of New York, and he has a background in urban studies. With distinct interests ranging from urban design to finely crafted detailing, Ben feels strongly that thoughtful design can bring dignity and strength to vulnerable communities. He is delighted to work with a talented team that shares this passion.


SamanHaus Talks

SamanHaus Talks
  • Architecture Boston Expo 2017

    • November 2017 - Giving back to Society - How Firms sponsor pro-bono work
  • BKLYN Designs 2017

    • May 2017 - Panelist - Designing a Better World: Architecture, Interiors and Representing Social Justice in Physical Spaces
  • Harvard Graduate Commons Program

    • December 2016 -  Haiti, Paradise | Paradox
  • Architecture Boston Expo 2016

    • November 2016 - Making It Possible for Everyone to Dream and Build
  • Architecture Boston Expo 2015

    • November 2015 - Project Cité Vèt